Our Partners and Sponsors

Why does sponsoring matter?

Corporate sponsors are vital in assisting us financially, allowing us to bring our Summit Program to life. This includes the programming and academic software, computer hardware and peripherals, professional development assistance and support, and leadership support for the cohort.

Additionally, we plan to create services and programs to bridge the digital divide for members of rural and tribal communities with this funding.

Sponsors can support us at all giving levels - from individual technology stacks for students to full program sponsorship and beyond.

Why partner with Hesperus?

Partnerships play a crucial role in assisting us to fulfill our mission to provide pathways to education and employment for members of rural and tribal Native American communities. Partners assist us with the academic delivery, employment support, and technical assistance services for these communities.

Interested in being a sponsor or partner?

We would love to hear from you!

Thank You To Our Sponsors


Thank You To Our Partners

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